Tree risk assessment

At New Leaf Tree Services Inc, we are strongly proactive about tree care, with a determined focus on any issues or problems that might arise in your trees. Tree risk assessment is essential. As certified arborists, we are trained to spot factors that could lead to tree failure and then to address possible issues in good time. With ice storms and hurricanes increasingly present in our area, it is all the more important to be proactive about your tree care. 

Tree resistance testing 

New Leaf Tree Services Inc is pleased to now offer tree resistance testing using our cordless resistograph tool. Using a small drill bit we can drill into a tree and create a profile of the drilling resistance within a tree, which can then be evaluated for cracks, hollow's, and rotten areas. A large, seemingly healthy tree can pose significant risk to a nearby house if it is not structurally sound in it's interior, and this tool allows us to better evaluate that possibility. 


By definition, there is no risk if no target is present. Targets are people and/or property that could be damaged or injured in event of a tree failure. 

While it is true that most tree failures occur during or as a result of storms, it is still possible to identify those trees that would be most susceptible to failure and then proactively prune, cable, or remove them.

Things to look for that may indicate a need for action: 

  • Targets.
  • Visible decay, cracks, or holes in tree trunks or branches.
  • Co-dominant stems.
  • Included bark.
  • Construction damage that may have severed roots and compacted the soil.
  • Removal of adjacent trees that may have provided a wind buffer.