Tree pruning

When executed correctly, tree pruning can have many beneficial effects. Whether it is cutting back a suspect limb to protect a target below, thinning out a crown to provide more light and space, or simply pruning for aesthetics, New Leaf Tree Services Inc will bring a trained eye and professional experience to the job. And with a staff of trained tree climbers and our 60 foot lift, we've got tree pruning covered. 

  • Crown cleaning: A selective pruning to remove any dead, weak, rubbing, or suspect branches from the crown.

  • Raising: Pruning to increase clearance underneath and raise the crown space.

  • Thinning: Pruning to create space within the crown, allowing for increased light penetration and airflow within the crown.

  • Reduction: Selective pruning to reduce the size and/or shape of the canopy.

  • Structural: Pruning with the goal of creating a better, stronger structure, and to decrease the chances of structural failure.

  • Restoration: Pruning to improve the structure, form, and appearance of a tree that has been damaged.

  • Vista: Pruning to improve or open a view.

  • Target protection: Pruning to eliminate any potential hazards and to protect the area below.