Plant health care

Managing and husbanding the surrounding environment is vital for the longevity of your trees. Plant health care aims to manage the health and appearance of all plants within a landscape. Trees are often competing with grass and other plants for water and nutrients, and other stressors such as drought, soil compaction, and lawn equipment can often create a negative environment for trees where disease can fester and lead to decline. 


Protecting your trees from lawn equipment and foot traffic can do wonders for their health. By installing a mulch ring around the trees base, weed trimmers will no longer scuff and wound it and foot traffic will no longer compact the soil. 

Aeration is a common practice in helping to loosen and enrich the soil within the root zone. By drilling holes within the root zone, and then covering the area with a rich natural bark mulch, nutrients are returned to the soil and room is created for it to breathe and absorb those nutrients. 

Soil amendments are often necessary to help trees get the nutrients they need to thrive. pH tests and soil samples can help us prescribe the necessary amendments that your tree needs.

Disease and pest management is a vital part of any plant health care program. We work with the best local certified professionals to make sure our clients receive the best in integrated pest management care.