Meet New Leaf Tree Services Inc

Peter W. Madsen, Co-Owner   ISA Certified Arborist NY-5681A

Peter W. Madsen, Co-Owner

ISA Certified Arborist NY-5681A

Born in California and a graduate of Evergreen College, Peter brings a traveled and experienced past to the New Leaf leadership team. Having spent seven years abroad as an organic farmer in Russia and Norway as part of the Camphill organization, Peter knows how cold a winter can be. He settled in Columbia County at Camphill Copake, a home for mentally challenged and disabled adults where he ran the organic vegetable garden and helped with the forestry program. A love of the outdoors inspired him to become an arborist, and with his background in organic gardening he brings a vast knowledge of the growing world to New Leaf. An avid musician, Peter is also a member of the contra-dance musical group The Russet Trio. They perform locally throughout the northeast, from weddings to local dance halls and everything in between. When he's not climbing a tree, Peter can be found kicking a soccer ball or shooting hoops with his two teenage sons.


Caleb R.C. White, Co-Owner   ISA Certified Arborist NY-5816A   

Caleb R.C. White, Co-Owner

ISA Certified Arborist NY-5816A


Born in Buffalo, NY Caleb moved with his family to Columbia County in 1990. As the son of a fiber artist, he grew up learning to felt, sew, and knit with the wool from his family's sheep. He attended Purchase College, where he graduated with a degree in music composition. His love of hard work and the outdoors brought him back home to his family where he spent time working as a gardener, farmer, landscaper, and carpenter before climbing his first tree. Caleb is an avid athlete, and the physical nature of tree climbing played right into Caleb's strengths, while his love of working in nature opened up the world of arboriculture to him. Caleb credits his parents and athletic coaches with teaching him the values of hard work and a job well done. When he's not climbing a tree, Caleb can be found on his own farm with his wife and their two dogs, checking things off their to-do list one at a time.


  Martin J. Silvan   Arborist / Landscaper

 Martin J. Silvan

Arborist / Landscaper

Martin joined the New Leaf team in the spring of 2013. A native of Columbia County, he has traveled extensively in Europe and Scandinavia but is happy to once again call the Hudson Valley home. Upon his return to the area, Martin took up teaching and has been running a small class for the past couple of years. He has also been working as a local arborist and landscaper for the past six years, and he brings a lot of tree biology knowledge and tree work expertise to New Leaf. Proficient in both tree climbing and precision felling, Martin provides New Leaf with a quality hand they can trust. When he's not climbing a tree, Martin can be found working on his farm.

Seth T. Elmquist   Landscaper / Machinist

Seth T. Elmquist

Landscaper / Machinist

Seth is the newest addition to the team at New Leaf. With a strong background in mechanics and landscape gardening, he's the perfect person to have around in case the tractor needs some extra attention. Seth comes from a family of hard workers, and he proves on a daily basis his desire to perform quality work. When he's not changing the oil, Seth can be found helping his wife out with their newborn daughter.