Tree and shrub planting

Correctly planting a tree is not as simple as digging a hole and putting something into the ground. There are many factors to be considered, which require extensive knowledge of what trees need to be successful and to grow. At New Leaf Tree Services Inc, we plant all our trees according to currently accepted planting standards as outlined in Principles and Practice of Planting Trees & Shrubs (1997, International Society of Arboriculture), and we take great care to ensure your transplanted trees are installed properly

Here are some details to consider when planting trees and shrubs:

  • Budget
  • Reason for planting
  • Desired initial and mature tree size
  • Available space
  • Desired species
  • Quality of soil
  • Water drainage
  • Sun exposure

When we plant, we carefully follow these guidelines to ensure proper installation:

  • Carefully inspect new trees and shrubs for defects.
  • The planting hole must be between 3 and 5 times the diameter of the root ball, depending on soil conditions.
  • The root flair must be slightly above grade.
  • Soil must be loosely backfilled to avoid compaction.
  • Water, water, water.